Our Mission, Purposes & Objectives



The Operational Framework of APFNet is the fundamental document which lays out APFNet’s mission, purpose and objectives.


The mission of APFNet is to help promote and improve sustainable forest management and rehabilitation.


The purpose of APFNet is expanding forest cover and improving forest ecosystem quality in Asia and the Pacific to promote the multiple functions of forests, help mitigate and adapt to climate change and meet the changing socio-economic and environmental needs of the region.


  1. Contribute to the achievement of the inspirational goal of increasing forest cover in the region by at least 20 million hectares of all types of forests by 2020;
  2. Help to enhance forest carbon stocks and improve forest quality and productivity by promoting rehabilitation of existing but degraded forests and reforestation and afforestation of suitable cleared lands in the region; 
  3. Help to reduce forest loss and degradation and their associated emissions of greenhouse gases by strengthening sustainable forest management and enhancing biodiversity conservation; and
  4. Help to increase the socio-economic benefits of forests in the region.