Landscape Approach to Sustainable Management of Forests in Prek Thnot Watersheds [2015P1-KHM]
Institute of Forest and Wildlife Research and Development (IRD), Forestry Administration, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (MAFF), Cambodia
The Forestry Administration of Cambodia, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (hereinafter referred to as the “Supervisory Agency”)
36 months, July 2015-June 2018
The goal of this project is to improve the ecosystem services (balanced watershed ecosystem services and socio-economic development) of Prek Thnot Watershed Landscape thru judicious land use planning and wider participation of different stakeholders on integrated watershed management.
1. To build capacity and raise awareness on the concept of integrated watershed/landscape planning for central and local stakeholders through scientific assessments, analysis and participatory watershed/landscape planning processes.
2. To improve the integrated management of Prek Thnot Watershed with participation of stake holders.
3. To share the experiences and lesson learned from the project to relevant stakeholders.

Activity 1.1.1 Map out critical areas in Prek Thnot watershed that provide substantial irrigation.
Activity 1.1.2 Develop a land use plan for the Prek Thnot watershed and critical priority areas to engage the stakeholders in the mapping and assessment processes and wrap-up results to inform concerted support and leverage greater actions from the stakeholders.
Activity 1.2.1 Conduct bio-physical, socioeconomic survey and risk assessments to the critical priority areas.
Activity 2.1.1 According to the mapping and assessment, develop participatory landscape restoration and sustainable management strategies and action plans for the identified critical priority areas.
Activity 2.2.1 Identification of two agroforestry sites/farmer cooperators.
Activity 2.2.2 Establish regular soil and hydrological monitoring systems and measures, and based on regular monitoring and periodic assessment, analyze and communicate the results to stakeholders.
Activity 2.3.1 Conduct Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) for forest-based enterprise Enterprises
Activity 2.3.2 Planning, implementation and monitoring for the forest-based enterprise in a community forest
Activity 3.1.1 Develop knowledge and communications products (Proceedings and Lessons, and Policy Brief
Activity 3.1.2 Organize and launch nationwide campaign to raise awareness among the public

Output 1.1 Improved knowledge and awareness of the target stakeholders on the concept of integrated Watershed Planning and the development issues in Prek Thnot Watershed that affect the forest-dependent communities
Output 1.2 Watershed characterization report of Prek Thnot Watershed
Output2.2 Two demonstration sites on agroforestry system, contributing to soil and water conservation and livelihoods established
Output 2.3 Forest-based community enterprise supported
Output 3.1 Project success and experiences disseminated and policy briefs for the sustainable development of the Prek Thnot Watershed submitted to relevant authorities

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