Project Fact Sheet




Supporting to Develop New Forest Sector Policy and Strategy through Consultation with Civil Society Organizations and Local Communities in Nepal [2013P1-NEPAL]

Federation of Community Forestry Users (FECOFUN)


12 months, 15 May 2013- 15 May 2014


To provide suggestion and policy feedback to MFSC and National Planning Commission with civil society perspective through the wider mobilization and consultations among policy makers’ social and technical experts, civil society organizations, community networks and federations.


  • Improve existing forest policies specifically Master Plan for Forestry Sector (MPFS), international agreements and forestry sub sector plans of National Planning Commission and other ministries.
  • Develop common understanding among wider stakeholders and incorporate their views to support in developing participatory forestry sector strategy.
  • Enhance understanding of contemporary forestry development for key representatives from CSOs, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation and local communities.
  • Support in process of integrating suggestions and feedbacks in formation of forest sector policies and strategies.


  • Expert consultation on review of existing MPFS, International agreement and NPC; Plan Sub Sector Forest Specific.
  • Multi-Stakeholder consultation at different levels.
  • Documentation and dissemination.
  • Workshops at National, Regional, district and community level.
  • Observation tour of international policy practice.
  • Meeting and discourses with policy makers and experts.
  • Advocacy and media mobilization.


  • Documented gaps in the existing forestry policies of Nepal focusing on international forestry development and sustainable forest management.
  • Prepared set of key thematic areas and points needed to be incorporated in the new forestry sector strategy.
  • Enhanced knowledge on sustainable forest management and international forestry development among CSOs representatives, FECOFUN, local community and representatives of Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation.
  • Feedbacks and suggestions of wider stakeholder regarding new forestry sector strategy reached to respective stakeholders for action.