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Project Title(ID)

Innovative Sustainable Forest Management Education in the Asia-Pacific Region (2013P2-FCDMM)

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Executing Agency   

Beijing Forestry University(BFU)

Project Director  

Dr. YouqingLuo    Phone 0086-10-62338994    Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Asia-PacificRegion

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Project Duration

25 months, November 2013 to December 2015

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APFNet Grant(USD)


The overall goal of the project is to improve the capacity in sustainable forest management (SFM) in the Asia-pacific region by using an innovative pedagogical method to convey the knowledge of SFM and related issues to various forestry stakeholders through the combination of web-based learning, onsite training, and sharing of results and experience.


Specifically, the project has the following objectives:

  • To build the core courses of SFM education which will provide the basis for developing a widely adopted core curriculum of SFM in the region;
  • To create a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences on educating the new generation of foresters in the APR;
  • To facilitate the collaborations on forestry education between developed economies and less developed economies;
  • To help promote reforms in forestry education in the APR and build a model for sharing the results.


  • Output 1: Development of six core SFM courses;
  • Output 2: Development of an online learning platform;
  • Output 3:Development of an on-site training package with options;and
  • Output 4: International Conference on Online Learning in Forestry Education.

Project Status


Project Achievements

(1) Six core courses had been developed,including Sustainable Forestry Management in a Changing World(UBC), Governance, Public Relationship and Community Development(UPLB),International Dialogue on Forestry Issue(UBC),Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystems and Forest Plantation Development(UM),Forest Resource Management and Protection(BFU),Sustainable Use of Forest Goods andServices(UPM);

(2) The online courses’ website:

(3) An on-site training package for online instructors has been developed. The on- site training enable participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge.

(4) Forestry College Deans Meeting Mechanism in the Asia-Pacific Region (FCDMM-APR) hosted a side event “Innovating forestry education and training: effective learning in the new era” at XIV World Forest Congress 2015 in Durban, South Africa in September 2015; another side event “Regional Forestry Education Resources Sharing and Mutual Course Recognition” at the Asian Pacific Forestry Week 2016 in Philippines on February 2016, both events aimed to promote Innovative Sustainable Forest Management Education in the Asia-Pacific Region to participants both in and outside the Asia-Pacificregion.

Project Photos


 Indoor session of Workshop of Innovative Sustainable Forest Management Education in the Asia-Pacific Region


On-site practices on UBC, International Workshop of Innovative Sustainable Forest Management Education in the Asia-Pacific Region


Video recording for course 5: Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystems and Forest Plantation Development (UM)


Video recording for course 6: Forest Resource Management and Protection (BFU)


Innovating Forestry Education and Training: Effective Learning in the new era, side event of World Forestry Congress 2015 in Durban, South Africa


4th Asia-Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism Meeting, a side event of Asia Pacific Forestry Clark, the Philippine