Steering Committee of the FCDMM-APR



A steering committee was established as a decision making body to oversee the operation of the mechanism. All decisions are made based on the consensus of the steering committee. At current stage, Prof. Youqing Luo in Beijing Forestry University, China and Prof. John Innes in University of British Columbia, Canada are recommended as the chair and co-chair of the steering committee. The members of Steering committee are recommended and identified. The committee meeting is set to be held every year or every two years.
Functions of the steering committee are:

  • to review and make recommendation on the adoption or modification of its strategic plan, policies and procedures;
  • to approve its own regulations and rules;
  • to facilitate the membership development and partnership exploration;
  • to fundraise for the potential programs;
  • to identify the priorities for mechanism engagement and program development;
  • to guide and direct the implementation of its programs;
  • to fulfil any other functions conducive to the achievement of the objectives of FCDMM-APR.

Composition of the Steering Committee:

  • Representatives from 6-8 forestry universities in Asia-Pacific region;
  • One/two representatives from inter-governmental organizations/NGOs being engaged in forestry education;
  • One representative from prominent institutes providing the vocational training in forestry;
  • The composition of Steering Committee should be not fixed, is expected to change every term.

Chair and co-chair of the steering committee should be selected from members of Steering Committee with a term of 3 years.

Coordination Office

A coordination office has been set up to implement the decisions made by steering committee and manage the daily work in the mechanism as well as assist coordination and communication among the members in accordance with the main missions of the mechanism. Beijing Forestry University will host the coordination office and appoint one coordinator responsible for daily operation of the Office.

Nominated Members of the Steering Committee

Bambang Saharjo Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University, IPB, Indonesia
Chris Weston School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne, Australia
Do Anh Tuan College of Forestry, Forestry University of Vie Nam
Faridah Hanum Ibrahim Faculty of Forestry, Putra University of Malaysia
George Hopper College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University, USA
John Innes Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada
Rex Cruz College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Philippines
Youqing Luo Beijing Forestry University, China
Keshab Datt Awasthi Institute of Forestry, Nepal