Forest Resources Management



Location: Kunming, China

Duration: October 17-28, 2011


Group photo

A workshop on Sustainable Forest Resource Management was launched on 17 October 2011, in Kunming, China. Sponsored and organized by APFNet in collaboration with Southwest Forestry University and Yunan Academy of Biodiversity, the workshop is the 4th thematic training titled with Forest Resources Management under APFNet capacity building program since 2008.

Although the concept of sustainable forest management is now more appreciated and better understood, achieving it involves overcoming many obstacles and challenges. In the last few decades, many economies have enacted supportive legislation, are strengthening institutional capacity to address issues, and are measuring progress as they move forward. The workshop aimed to share best practices and highlight successful models that can be replicated more broadly. It also sought to identify key challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region with regard to strengthening forest policy and legal frameworks, taking stock of current efforts and lessons learned to date. Based on the exchange of views and experiences among participants, recommendations will be made to address issues of key concern.


Ms. Rosalie McConnell facilitated the workshop

Bringing together 15 senior forestry officials from 14 regional economies, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Viet Nam and so forth, the workshop aims to analyze the status of regioanal forest resoureces, identify the key challenges faced by Asia Pacific economies, to share and to inspire good stories and lessons learned, and to discuss practical solutions in addressing these challenges. Thematic Lectures and case studies will be given by expertise from Forest Management (Malaysia), SSC Forestry, FLEG Asia etc and forest authorities. National reports submmited by participants will be presented as a basis for in-depth exchange of forest resources management through policy and tools and measures in various conditions.

Three working group sessions were convened during the workshop to discuss key sustainable forest management issues. Participants identified concerns they considered the most urgent, described the main aspects of each problem and proposed practical ways to address them.


Working group discussion

Moreover, Each participant reported on the development and status of forest management in his or her economy, highlighting areas of particular interest. This sharing of experiences and practices provided yet another opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge. In addition, working groups identified major issues and weaknesses, along with action that should be taken to address them. As a final exercise, they completed an evaluation of the different aspects of the workshop and made recommendations on ways to improve future sessions.

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Participant’ presentation & interactions

A 4-day field excursion to various points of interest in and around Pu’er City was organized to showcase forest management and agroforestry practices. Highlights included a visit to a mixed coffee and tea plantation, the Caiyanghe Nature Reserve, nurseries for reforestation and wetland aquatic plants, and a forest of short rotation species for industrial purposes. Participants also attended the official opening of a branch office of the Yunnan Academy of Forestry in the Forest Science Research Institute of Pu’er City. They later toured a nursery of herbal medicine plants, witnessed a site which was converted from cropland to plantations and orchards, and visited a service center which assists farmers to transfer forest property rights and complete other transactions.

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Field trip to Puer County


    • Lectures by Resource Persons

Lecture 1: pdfChallenges in sustainable forest management87.73 KB, Mr. Thang Hooi Chiew, Steering Committee of the National Forest Programme Facility in Malaysia

Lecture2:pdf Good forest law, bad forest law: sustainable forestry and certification1.6 MB, Dr. Berty van Hensbergen, SSC (Svensk SkogsCertifiering)

Lecture3: pdfMarket incentives to promote sustainable forest management2.7 MB, Dr. Chen Xiaoqian, EU FLEGT Asia

Lecture4: pdfSustainable forest management in Canada1.38 MB, Ms. Rosalie McConnell

Lecture5: pdfSustainable cultivation and utilization of bamboo56.83 MB, Prof. Yang Yuming, Yunnan Academy of Forestry/Yunnan Academy of Biodiversity

Lecture6: pdfSFM in China: forest governance and legislation, Prof18.65 MB. Zhang Songdan, State Forestry Administration