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On December 13th 2016, an Inception Workshop of APFNet funded Project “To demonstrate the development and application of standing-tree carbon equations to improve the accuracy of forest-cover carbon stock estimates in Thailand” [2015P6-THA] was held in Bangkok, Thailand, jointly witnessed by representatives from Royal Forestry Department and Kasetsart University.

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Project site in Ngao Demonstration Forest, Lampang Province

The project is intended to provide accurate information on national forest carbon stocks to support informed sustainable forest management policy decision-making and balanced public debate on the benefits of forests in climate change mitigation in Thailand. The specific objective is to develop accurate standing-tree carbon equations and their application to the preparation of a forest-cover carbon stock map in the Ngao Demonstration Forest, Lampang Province.

Ngao Demonstration Forest, Thailand’s only designated demonstration forest for test and experiment, which is located in the northern province of Lampang, has been selected as the target project site. The project will focus on the major species groups in the target area, and field data will be collected for developing and pilot-testing the new tree carbon equations.

APFNet will contribute USD 199,045 to the project through an agreement with Kasetsart University. The 2-year project will start in January 2017.